just having fun

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Porter Robinson - Look at the Sky

Holding on, I said: "I will be much better, then"

Look at the sky, I'm still here I'll be alive next year

to the bone

Pamungkas - To the Bone

Of all the ones that begged to stay I'm still longing for you

Of all the ones that cried their way I'm still waiting on you

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Budi Doremi - Melukis Senja

Aku mengerti Perjalanan hidup yang kini kau lalui

Ku berharap Meski berat, kau tak merasa sendiri


AREA21 - La La La

Talking 'bout my life but they don't know me Why would they expect I let them control me?

When they criticise me I don't listen They don't realise I like to..


Porter Robinson - Musician

I just can't stop, I'm sorry I can feel a new day dawning

I burn up, burn out I shouldn't do this to myself


Justin Bieber - Anyone

That you are the only one I'll ever love Yeah, you, if it's not you, it's not anyone

Looking back on my life, you're the only good I've ever done

something comforting

Porter Robinson - Something Comforting

If I send this void away Have I lost a part of me?

When you wake you're bargaining for the promise..


Iwan Fals - Entah (feat. d'Masiv)

Seperti biasa Aku tak sanggup berjanji

Hanya mampu katakan Aku cinta kau saat ini


Justin Bieber - Name (feat. Tori Kelly)

we're only getting better at pretending we're okay

and after all this time i know you think about laying side by side


Porter Robinson - Mother

I'm on your side for the rest of your life You'll never be alone, don't you worry my child

And now there's an empty room you outgrew But I'm here for you"


Porter Robinson - Blossom

Can I slow the days? I wish that I'll find my faith I'm dying, I'll save your place and you'll never suffer

We'll stay together


Porter Robinson - Sweet Time

so take a long time oh, the world is lucky to be your home I know I need a next life not satisfied to know you just once